Luck happens when good design meets hard work

Success isn’t lucky and it isn’t born; success is made. To us, success is a science that can be broken down into a step by step process. There’s no such thing as luck, fate or magic – just cause and effect. We’ve carefully captured the best leadership, sales, and management techniques and broken them down into a simple, teachable and most importantly, applicable process.

Where education meets the real world

Student Works provides you with everything you need to start and manage a business around a full-time school schedule.

Proven Business Framework

We have developed a step by step system for running a business and every detail has been worked out. This system provides you with the opportunity to be completely in charge and truly gain practical experience while having a business plan that’s guaranteed to work.

Expert 1-on-1 Mentorship

No matter how good the training is, you’ll always have questions. Managers are paired with a business coach and mentor who provides guidance throughout every single step of the season. These mentors work with you in the field on every single aspect of your business and personal development.

Winning Community of Entrepreneurs

It’s hard to become a great leader without surrounding yourself with great leaders. Join our active community of driven and successful students who learn from each other, push each other to their limits, and have fun together at company events throughout the summer.

Proven Business Framework

Our team provides you with everything you need to operate the business and supports you administratively. This way we can ensure all the paperwork is done right and you can focus on building your team and business rather than filling out forms.

Designed with full-time studies in mind

We understand the importance of getting great grades and the unique challenges of being a University student since we all went through it. Every mentor in this program was a full-time student who managed their business around their studies, many while in their first year of studies.

Time Management

We specialize in helping students to manage their time around academics and extracurricular activities. With an emphasis on weekly goal setting, time management, and organizational skills, our program is specifically designed to support hard working students thrive in all avenues. As a direct result, students comment that their marks go up due to an improvement in their organizational and time management skills, sometimes by as much as 20-30%.

Flexible Workload

The program is designed to start slowly, as a part-time commitment, throughout the winter semester and ramp up to full-time in the summer, after exams are complete. The workload is designed to be handled around a heavy full-time course load and is totally flexible, based on your schedule and weekly workload. The nature of running your own business and setting your own schedule make running a business the perfect thing to do around your studies.


Once selected as a manager, your mentor will sit down and plan out your entire semester’s class work and exams, quizzes, assignments, and readings. Once all your school work is mapped out, we custom design your schedule for working on your business around your availability and personal goals for the season. The result of this type of planning is less procrastination and a schedule that empowers you to hit all your goals for the semester.

The proof is in the results


Years of Business Success


in Revenue


Millionaire Alumni


Average First-Year Operator Revenue


Average Veteran Operator Revenue

This isn’t some risky business fad that started yesterday. We’ve got decades of experience developing students into successful entrepreneurs and our alumni results speak for themselves. We’re so confident in our ability to launch successful student businesses that we invest in thousands of dollars in each student selected and we only get paid when your business wins.

Student Works Management Curriculum

Starting part-time throughout the winter semester, and over just one summer, we’ll take you from a complete beginner in sales and management and teach you how to manage your own team and run your own successful business. These are the steps.

Fundamentals & Preparation

Upon being selected, each Operator will attend an Orientation and receive a training manual. In the weeks leading up to the first training seminar (in January) and the start of the season, our students get prepared by reading their manual and setting goals for the upcoming winter semester and their summer.

Orientation Seminar
  • Introduction to the Company & Our Values
  • Whole-Life Time Management
  • The Journey That Lies Ahead
  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Success Philosophies
  • Goal Setting Exercise
Operations & Training Manual
  • Business Plan
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Recruiting
  • Project Management
  • Human Resources
  • Organization & Time Management
Register & Set up Your Business (done with you as a step-by-step process)

Getting Started

In the latter half of January, Operators attend their first training seminar over a weekend and begin their part-time work on their business. They attend a series of intensive hands-on training seminars throughout the rest of the semester with their mentor helping them each step of the way. The workload is approximately 15 hours per week, completely flexible and set in place by the student Manager, with the help of their mentor.

January Training – Weekend Seminar
  • The Entrepreneur’s Mindset: Taking Responsibility And A New Understanding
  • Paint or Window Cleaning Technology
  • Estimating Jobs
  • Time Management Strategies
  • Professional Selling Skills
  • New Age Marketing Strategies
  • Human Resources Recruiting Systems
  • Managing Profit and Cash Flow
  • Client Relations
Max Launch – Business Planning Meeting
  • Establish Goals for the remainder of the semester
  • Break your goal down into a weekly action plan
  • In-depth review of your market
  • Establish a working relationship with your mentor
Start Weekly Coaching Meetings
  • 30-minute weekly meeting with your mentor to review performance, set goals and receive coaching
In-field Marketing Training
  • Learn to acquire your first leads hands-on with your mentor and veteran Operators
In-field Estimate Training
  • Practice pricing jobs and using the estimating formula learned during the January Training Seminar

Getting Your First Clients

After having implemented initial marketing efforts, acquired your first leads and gained an understanding of how to price your service offering and sell to clients, the next step is to go and acquire your first clients. The process of setting up your first appointments and selling those clients is done directly with your mentor, who walks you through each appointment. This training is then followed up by a sales focused training seminar and follow-up appointments with your mentor.

Hands-on appointment set up call training
  • Learn to set up an estimate appointment with a client to maximize their chances of selecting you.
In-field Sales Training (first estimates with mentor)
  • Complete hands-on sales appointments with your mentor and learn sales while booking your first clients of the season.
Advanced Sales Training Seminar
  • The Entrepreneur’s Mindset: Dualism & Managing Your Downside • Advanced Marketing Tactics
  • Paint Products & Brands
  • Recruiting Strategies In Review
  • Advanced Sales Concepts
  • Closing and Objection Handling Strategies
In-field Sales Development (follow-up estimates with mentor)
  • Complete additional sales appointments with your mentor to develop high-level sales skills and get support securing larger projects.
After having gone through our sales training program, our alumni find that they greatly outperform their peers when they start their careers.

Preparing for Project Management

Once the spring has arrived and exams are coming to a close, Managers must prepare themselves to start delivering their service and managing their first team of workers. Throughout this period, they learn to interview and hire employees, deliver their service, and train those employees in preparation for the first job of the season.

Project Management & Safety Training Seminar
  • The Entrepreneur’s Mindset: A Complete Review And The Importance of Belief
  • Safety & Due Diligence
  • Administrative Requirements & Expectations
  • Client Relationship Management Strategies
  • Preparing To Start Your First Project
  • Ongoing Project Management
  • April Worker Recruiting Strategies
  • Understanding Your Profitability
In-field training on service delivery (how to paint/clean windows)
  • Learn the best techniques in your industry so you can be an expert and train employees effectively
Interviews & Recruiting Your A-Team
  • Learn to complete phone interviews
  • Learn to complete in-person interviews
  • Select and hire your team member
Production Preparation & Planning Meeting
  • Ensure you are completely prepared to start your first team
  • Choose your first job to complete & choose your start date
  • Establish your 2-week startup client schedule
  • Review how to set up job

Starting Your First Team & Project Management

Once all the preparations are complete and all schoolwork is completely wrapped up, Managers will start managing their first team of workers on their first job sites. We start small with only one team of 2 workers and only the simplest jobs. As usual, your mentor is present and helps hands-on with getting your first team started. As Managers show proficiency and develop their skill set, we begin to tackle more complex jobs and add a second team to the mix.

On-site Production Launch (with mentor)
  • Start your first team and learn the steps of project management on your first job, hands-on with your mentor.
Advanced Project Management Training Seminar
  • The Entrepreneur’s Mindset: Controlling & Re-Creating Your Character
  • Safety Practices In Review
  • Administrative Requirements In Review
  • Employee & Team Management Best Practices
  • Recruiting While Managing Projects
  • Organization & Planning Best Practices
  • Profit Maximization Strategies & Best Practices
  • Summer Marketing Strategies
Start of bi-weekly Manager events
  • Events are held throughout the summer, in your local region, to bring together our winning community, let loose and discuss business in an informal and fun setting.

Mastery of Management

Throughout the summer, Managers continue to hone and develop their skill set as they grow their team and take on bigger and more complex jobs. Each Manager develops at their own pace, taking on as much as they can handle with the support of their mentor. The long days of hard work are split up with bi-weekly social events where Managers can let loose and network with other entrepreneurs, who are experiencing the same challenges as them.

Scheduled Job Site Visits from your mentor
  • Continued improvements are put in place as mentors visit your job sites to provide additional coaching and advice on how to improve.
Weekly Group Coaching Calls
  • To those seeking continuous improvement, these calls are created to share best practices from the highest performing businesses and answer any questions that arise.
  • Each call is recorded and shared with Managers, for later review.
Online Training Programs for additional development
  • Training resources are accessible on our online training platform for further development
24/7 support from your mentor
  • No matter how good the training is, you’ll always have questions. Your mentor is available to support you any time you need help.

Student Works is recognized by Manage HR Magazine as the Top Canada Leadership Development Training/Coaching Company 2022

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