At Student Works, we subscribe to a “Work Hard, Play Hard” philosophy – rewarding students for results!

We believe in allowing people to earn what they create in value, and rewarding results along the way. All in all, we foster a culture and environment where Managers experience an incredible summer. In addition to the profit earned running your own business as a Student Works Manager, you will be rewarded for achieving short-term and long-term goals.

On-Going Summer Activities and Events

Throughout the summer we have Business Coaches and company sponsored prizes, events and incentives to reward performance. Past program events include a week-long rafting trip, paintball, bowling, beach volleyball, baseball, skydiving, among others.

Trip to Caribbean

Our most sought after incentive is a trip to the Caribbean at the end of the summer. This trip is for those who have achieved pre-defined production targets. Typically over 25% of Managers win this trip for high performers. This is a week-long group event including boat cruises, group dinners and beach activities.

Year End Banquet and Award Ceremony

At the end of each summer, just before the trip, Student Works celebrates the summer’s success at a top venue in Toronto. All Managers are invited to the event. The evening includes a formal dinner, awards as well as a ton of fun!

We had fun last summer… Did you?