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Student Works breaks leadership and business success down to a step-by-step process and puts you in charge of your own business over the summer break. Develop real-world practical experience while building an impressive resume and setting yourself up for a powerful career.

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Take charge and get ahead this summer

The Student Works Management Program

is an immersive development opportunity where full-time students learn the practical skills necessary for business leadership, and then apply those skills by operating their own service business over the summer break.

If you’re looking to take charge of your career – and are up for a challenge – then this program may be right for you. As a Student Works Manager, you will gain skills and practical knowledge to set you up for success after graduation.

We help hardworking, ambitious students

University is designed to be all about theory and knowledge. This makes it limited to what you learn in books, and leaves most students graduating without any practical experience. As a result, thousands of university students are graduating with no applicable skills and are struggling to access meaningful and fulfilling careers.

Become powerful leaders capable of having a massive future

Students in our program learn to manage and lead people by actually doing it. With our support, they hire a team, market their business and sell customers on their service. Within one summer, they develop an unparalleled level of business experience and stand out as leaders amongst their peers.

Learn real-world practical skills and jump-start your career


Develop the ability to influence others and bring them around to see your point of view

Time Management

Make more of each day and learn to execute on your goals and ideas around all your commitments


Learn to promote your ideas and attract customers who want to work with you

Recruiting your Team

Learn to identify and attract the right people to work for you and join your team.

Training and motivating people

Practice the skills required by every leader to motivate people and take charge of their team.


Unleash your inner leader by practicing and ultimately mastering each aspect of leadership

Project management

Conquer managing multiple priorities and ensuring each project is completed of their team.

Customer relations

Discover your ability to manage clients and build relationships with them throughout the project cycle.

Join the Few, Surpass the Many


of alumni find full-time employment within 9 months of graduation


of alumni become managers within 5 years of graduating


of alumni earning over $100,000 per year.

Recruiting Hires by School from the last 5 years

Students from all over Canada’s colleges and top universities are applying to our Management Program.

Here are our top 10:

School Number of hires
(last 5 years)
Carleton University 40
Concordia University 96
Dalhousie University 20
University of Guelph 47
HEC 24
Wilfrid Laurier University 58
McMaster University 35
Queen’s University 54
University of Ottawa 62
Western University 87

We recruit the best and brightest students (regardless of faculty or area of study), selecting one out of every 25 candidates. Our rigorous interview process ensures every applicant has the right attitude and the raw potential necessary to succeed.

The Student Works Management Program then teaches crucial transferable skills that allow students not only to perform in their summer business but later on in their careers. The outcome of this training is students who greatly outperform their peers in the job market.

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Student Works is recognized by Manage HR Magazine as the Top Canada Leadership Development Training/Coaching Company 2022

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